Garbage chute cleaning in Brisbane for sanitizing garbage chutes

Modern living accommodations are equipped with excellent waste disposal systems in the form of Garbage Chutes leading to Garbage Rooms. People can effortlessly get rid of their household waste through these Garbage Chutes. These systems also exist in commercial buildings serving their pantries and kitchens. With time, the garbage chutes in Residential and Commercial buildings attract deposits from improperly packaged garbage thrown into these and from breaking open of disposed of material.

Deposits on Garbage Chutes.

These depositions are the source of bad odors flowing up the garbage Chute In addition to fragrances, the air coming out of these chutes might contain harmful bacteria and viruses, putting the lives of the occupants of buildings at risk. Insects and Rodents use these chutes to propagate and move into interior spaces. Another significant risk created by dirty Garbage Chutes is the Fire Hazard. The fire from a garbage room can smoothly flow into the whole building because of combustible deposits on the walls of garbage Chutes. Regular cleaning is required to keep the users of the building safe from odors, harmful organisms, as well as fire.


How do we operate?

Our Garbage chute cleaning in Brisbane experts Inspect, Clean and Lubricate all chute doors on each floor, Hand scraping garbage builds up in the compactor, degreasing and disinfecting the insides of the chute. Pressurized hot water ensures proper cleaning of the whole system. Degreasing and Disinfecting the compactor are also parts of our regular Garbage Chute Cleaning operation. A regular Garbage Chute Cleaning provides normal trouble-free usage of the system.


- Removal of odor
- Reducing health risks for tenants and staff
- Removal of bacteria, viruses, and build-up of garbage
- Reducing the risk of fire
- Reducing rodent problems
- Increasing longevity of chute, compactor, and bin


Routinely cleaning your garbage chute, compactor, and other waste receptacles can create a pleasant guest experience in your residential, educational or commercial building. Red Dot Cleaning provides professional Rubbish chute cleaning in Brisbane. We include complimentary floor-by-floor garbage chute inspection for all our jobs.

Over time, garbage dries and cakes the sides of the chute, causing unwanted bacteria and odors to linger in the building. Having your garbage chute professionally cleaned regularly is a proven and effective method in the prevention of airborne hazards for your residents.


We utilize high-pressure and scraping methods, effectively eliminating dried garbage stains, liquids, and odors in the chute. Not only does our exclusive process clean the chute, but we also eliminate fire hazards that exist within the chute. Our process goes from top to the bottom of the chute. We also sanitize the garbage bin using a heated pressure washer.

Disturbing smells are not only unpleasant, but they also can be dangerous. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, poor indoor air quality can cause short-term problems such as irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat; headaches; dizziness and fatigue. Long-term health problems can develop after years of exposure to harmful air pollutants. Cleaning trash chutes is a form of source air pollutant control. By eliminating the source of bacteria, which causes the foul odor, you also remove a significant source of air pollution.


Indoor air quality affects those who live and work in airtight buildings. Cleaning trash chutes frequently will improve the air quality and reduce odor by removing the mold, bacteria and other items lingering inside the chute after trash disposal. Garbage chutes can also create severe problems for the building, such as grease fires, an out-of-control pest population, rancid food odors, and excessive wear and tear on the compactor and chute. Still, some buildings may experience only an occasional rodent or a foul odor near the chutes.

Trash chutes should be cleaned at least once or twice a year; depending on how often residents use the trash chute. Garbage chute cleaning in Gold Coast should be considered routine preventive maintenance. Chutes in high-rise buildings are especially difficult to clean effectively.

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